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What we do

Autodesk Training


We are focused on 3d printing, but offer a full range of services in visual design and technical consultation, with certified training and experience using Autodesk software, including AutoCAD, Inventor and Fusion 360, proper training for understanding the implementation of your design parameters is a must.


3RDesigns strives to maintain the integrity of the design with adequate understanding of the importance of proper engineering with proper implementation of General dimensioning and tolerancing practices, ASME and ANSI standards and all other necessary techniques for proper design.

Product Design

Most recent ventures include providing product designs for online sites that communicate with customers and allow designers to submit 3D environment created files. These are some examples of those works.

3D Modelling

With over 20 years of experience with the use of computer Graphic software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and other 2 dimensional visual design software, as well as experience using the previously mentioned Autodesk software, plus 3dS Max, Zbrush and Sculptris, Poser and other 3d modelling software. Technological Designing is 2nd nature for 3RDesgins.


Having been involved in projects of a creative nature many times in the past, it is top priority to make the creative process as interesting as possible. Building a design should be not just technologically detailed, but fun as well. The aesthetic detail of a design is as important as the functionality. 3RDesigns will keep that in mind.

Fine Art and Illustration

Many of the past endeavors have yielded works of all different classifications done in many mediums. Since the design process is based on creative and intuitive inspirations, here is a place to display some of the better works that were completed.

Much of the content here is inspired by artists with surrealist and unconventional ideas. Those easily offended should keep in mind that these are only works of art and not to be taken too seriously.

Sketches and Cartooning

There are many fans of such underground cartoonists as R. Crumb and Charlie Hebdo. These are a collection of works inspired by artists such as these and as well as Don Martin of Mad, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, George Trosley and others. Again, to be taken lightly, as all humor based cartoons.

I have produced freelance works for clients in the past, so feel free to inquire about my rates and process for concept art.

Hand Sculpting and 3D Prints

I have had my hand at many projects over the years that entailed hand tooled, hand sculpted work. Here is a collection of some of my works, as well as some of the better 3D prints I will be adding as I complete them.

These are not a complete display of my work doing sculpting and manually completed art displays. Please contact me if you have a request for a hand sculpted model. I work with sculpy clay and acrylic paints, but will also complete works in other medium if requested to do so. I have also worked with plaster and silicon molds, hand and dremel carved wood, soapstone, pottery and metal sculpting. I will be adding pictures of some of my other works as I am able.

Hand Tooled and Hand Painted Guitars

For some time I aspired to create a line of guitars, and with some hard work and diligence, I created a number of hand carved bodies which were finally completed as working instruments. I chose an array of different subject matters which I carefully choose subject matter and imagery from.

Many of these guitars were sold and shipped to various places in the world, including Japan, California, Ohio and British Columbia, Canada.

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