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3rDesign Works

Think it, Design it, Make it

3d printing is the newest way to create product prototypes, models for planning, props for use with presentations, parts and tactile materials. Make your idea a reality. 


3RDesign Works is dedicated to helping clients visualize and materialize their ideas through the use of skills and technology. 

From Start to Finish

Starting with basic sketches, then to blueprints and then on to creation and finalization of your idea. We can walk through the process step by step, by email contact or in person. 


The proper use of technology makes the process run smooth. Just communicate what you want and let us do the work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don't get the results you want, we will help you reconsider and implement any initial design changes or flaws at no extra cost, before we move to printing. 


All efforts are to keep your production costs low, so you can get your sample product and move on to other marketing analysis.

To The Portfolio?

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